Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai Schools aims to provide high quality accessible education for students in Dubai by adopting principles of excellence in education through an internationally recognized curriculum delivered by reputable private sector operators.

This unique partnership optimizes the exchange of knowledge, expertise and goals to achieve the Dubai Government agenda which aims at ensuring that every Emirati student has access to high quality education and, therefore, becomes a fulfilled and supported individual equipped with the right skills for the knowledge-based and competitive economy of the future.

Dubai Schools welcomes students of all abilities and nationalities. Individual schools will conduct their standard assessments for admission upon a student’s submission of registration application, similar to other private schools in the Emirate.

Schools under Dubai Schools’ umbrella offer international curricula, led and taught in English, while striving to excel in Arabic, science and technology and Islamic studies, with a culture fostered by Emirati values.

Parents may refer to the specific school links to know more about the registration process and fees:

Dubai Schools strives to offer affordable fees to all students – while the discounted school fee is applicable to every student, Emirati students who hold an Emirate of Dubai issued family book are eligible for further scholarships, detailed on individual school portals.

For more detailed information on applying for scholarships, please visit the individual school pages.

Parents can find registration information on the individual school pages:

Dubai Schools aims to expand its partnerships and collaborations, and any future plans and potential projects will be announced at the relevant time.

Schools under the Dubai Schools umbrella will be inspected by KHDA’s Dubai School Inspection Bureau like any other private school in the Emirate. The schools will also be following all policies and regulations applicable to private schools in the Emirate.

Following the same registration process for all students noted above, parents of students from public schools can register their child in a Dubai School through the individual school pages.

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